Windows 7 Caution!!! Fake Microsoft Spam


Jan 19, 2010
In te last 48 hours. Residents in Queensland and also has started in New South Whales of Australia have been facing fake Microsoft Virus alerts via the phone and in some cases via email. These callers and sender say they are from Microsoft and other computer companies saying your computer is infected with a virus, offering you a fix by getting you to go to web sites so they can controll your computer and steal personal details.

I just had one here in NSW 30 minutes ago!

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This has been a problem in the US for a long time. Sorry you are dealing with it also!
I haven't received anything like this on my gmail, but I have read a lot of information about this on other portals. Many people believe that such cyber attacks are needed by corporations for cover, because corporations monitor and collect information about you all this time. These are just rumors and guesses, but nevertheless, I advise you to really think about how to protect yourself from phishing. Identity theft via the Internet isn't single incident. On the portal, you can find a detailed description of how you can avoid leaking your personal data and protect yourself from phishing through your email.
I hear about these scams on a daily basis. I'm a computer tech. I've gotten them myself too. VERY VERY common! I've had a lot of clients scammed out of money. DON'T FALL FOR THEM!
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