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Joe S

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Ccleaner gets recommended a lot and I've used it for quite a while with no problems until now. I was trying a different firewall and returned to the old one and ran the clean portion of Ccleanerof ver 2.23.999 after finishing. My PC is dual boot Vista/ Windows 7. When I booted into Windows 7 Avast popped up and said invalid license. I couldn't start it or other programs so I looked in My computer and the 2 drives with windows on were restricted. I couldn't get into system restore. I had to take ownership to get things straightened out. Last night when I booted into Vista I had the exact same problem yes I used Ccleaner there too. I scanned with Avast and Spy Sweeper in safe mode and don't find anything. When I checked on virtual PC's I'd experimented on but did not use Ccleaner there was no problem. So use care with Ccleaner.

I use it too. In fact I ran it about 2 hours ago without any problem.

Only once did it have a problem. It kept locing up trying to clean index.dat ...which is a file that indexes website url's you have visited. Rebooting freeded it up to run without lockup.


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I use it often and have not had any problems with CCleaner.

However,,, The Registry Cleaner, I always warn against any and all so called reg cleaners.
They can be useful if used properly,, but many times, people just willy nilly click fix all and expect everything to be hunky dory. ( i have never actually type those words,, wow,, I feel like a goober.. yeah that one too )

Well,, stop using Registry Cleaners, even the one available in CCleaners.


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Hi tblount,

Just had a look at your blog. Interesting. Who is the girl in the picture?

Hi tblount,

Just had a look at your blog. Interesting. Who is the girl in the picture?
No idea. I was just flipping through one of those "rate my looks" websites and she popped up.

I think there is a link in one of my blogs.


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LOL. Just a pretty picture, then.

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