CD Drive is STUCK


Today I was running a fresh OSX86 installation inside of VMWare Player, and using an actual installation disk in my CD drive, which was then tunneled to the VM. Since the installation froze up halfway through, I shut off the VM, and attempted to eject the installation disk, but the drive wouldn't open. I also find it strange that the light on my drive doesn't blink when I attempt to open it (it usually does). Attempting to eject it from Windows Explorer results in "An error occurred while eject DVD Drive (E:\).'" In the end, I used the paper clip trick to get my disk out, but the problem still persists (although once I open it with the paper clip, the light on it starts blinking again). The drive still performs its job of reading disks just fine. The installation disc I was using did not have any stickers or other material that could have damaged the drive. Is there a way to fix this, or am I just going to have to keep using the paper clip trick for the rest of the life of this CD drive?


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Have you shut your system completely down and rebooted? Sometimes this will clear out problems.

OK, I've rebooted the computer. At first, it wasn't fixed, but for some reason, about 10 minutes later, I got the CD drive working. I don't know how it got fixed, but its fixed now. Thanks for your help!

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