cd drive not working, and windows crashed... HELP....


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i know this topic has been discussed before but my problem is a lil different then what i read everywhere. i have a hp dv6000 series. recently my cd drive stopped working. and my windows vista was giving me a lot of problems. so i did a partition on my hard drive and installed win 7 on the new drive. installed perfectly and then when i restarted my computer, it says "missing boot mgr". i read a lot of threads n every body says all i need to do is install win7 again n do a clean installation. my problem is, my cd drive does not work and my system cant boot from usb. what do i do now ??? second question is can i switch my hard drive from that hp laptop and put it on a different laptop and install a fresh windows on that hard drive and put it back to the hp laptop ?? will that even work and it wont affect my new laptop ??? thanks for any help....


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Looks like you screwed up your mbr after partitioning. You can try using recovery tools, or do a fresh clean install.
You'll need a dvd drive.
Usually you don't disassembe laptops, and having different installations under different hardware causes problems generally.
If you're so eager get the working dvd drive and connect it to the (dvd nonworking) machine.