CD/DVD drive malfunction on recover installation


I hope I picked the right forum category. I'm not computer literate so when my 14 month old PC running Windows 7 Home Premium failed to restart I took it to Staples for a recovery installation. Since bringing it home I downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials, then downloaded PC Decrapifier to remove the bloatware, and then downloaded Macrium Reflect and made a rescue disk and my first image backup. Then I started reinstalling programs starting with Microsoft Office suite from disk. That worked without a problem. Then I tried to reinstall the Hallmark Card Studio program from disk and the PC won't read a disk anymore. The light flickers and then goes solid. When I go to "computer" and select the drive the heading at the top of the window says "DVD RV Drive (D:) HCS 2010 (Not Responding). I've tried other disks including the Microsoft Office suite disk that worked an hour ago and I get the same results.

I don't know if this is pertinent but I have also discovered that what prevents my PC from restarting is the USB Seagate external HDD. If that is plugged in the PC won't boot up. I've had that external drive plugged in permanently for months without a problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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