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    CD/DVD drive locks explorer, won't play audio discs

    Hi shiny people,

    My optical drive was working fine under XP Pro and it was the drive I used to burn and install my copy of Win 7. Once I booted Windows 7 though, it refuses to read CDs or DVDs.

    With audio CDs both Winamp and Window Media player can see the disc and even display the title and track info but refuse to play the tracks, just skipping through them really fast making an occasional clicking noise. With Data discs, either CD or DVD it shows the title of the disc in Windows Explorer but will not open the files or even display them and if you try to look at the contents of the disc, Explorer just locks up and stops responding although it will usually recover instantly if I remove the disc from the drive.

    I haven't physically touched any hardware. The drivers for the motherboard are current and I've flashed the current version of the bios. I've tried the drive with multiple discs, audio, DVD video and data. I've seen the fix regarding the upper and lower filters for optical drives and that's not the issue here, I checked. I've tried both native and legacy modes for IDE in the bios. The drive is a Lite-On DH20A4P CD/DVD burner. It's an IDE drive which may or may not be meaningful. There's nothing showing exclamation marks or other warnings in the device manager.
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