CD/DVD Driver issue during W7 install

Hi people,

I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my Medion Akoya model number MD97620.

Doing a boot install from the DVD, I get to the Win 7 welcome screen where I am offered the choice to install, repair or more information or something else I can't remember.

When I click on install, it comes up saying the CD/DVD driver is missing and asks me to insert disc or memory with appropriate driver to proceed with install.

I contacted Medion and they directed me to the appropriate firmware update which included the update and original driver. I put the original driver on a memory stick and restarted the process.

Got to the same point and tried to browse to the memory stick but when I do it can't see the driver file and says the stick is empty.

Thinking it may be a problem with the memory stick, I went back into Vista and put the graphics drivers on the same stick and started the process again.

Again back to the same point, but this time the graphics drivers show on the memory stick, but guess what, no CD/DVD driver still. It is definitely still on the stick.

I have also tried putting the file on a DVD, but it does the same.

The CD/DVD drive is a Samsung SN-S083B, the laptop has an Intel Core Duo T6600 with 4GB Ram and is running Vista.

When I did a compatibility check before I bought Win 7, it said everything was fine with perhaps a couple of question marks, but the CD/DVD drive had a tick next to it so why is it causing problems?

I have noticed other people having problems with Win 7 once installed with the same brand CD/DVD, but their problems seem slightly different to mine. I can't even install my OS.

Any ideas?


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Where did you get your Install DVD? If you burned it yourself, you might try again using a slower speed and/or a better media. If it was downloaded, you might even try that process again.

If you can't get it to load, there is always the flash drive method to install.

you got no floppy drive?
the floppy always works and no driver needed :eek:

"DVD drive device drivers missing" in Win7 installation setup

my attempt to install windows 7 today ended in :mad:!!!!
When I boot from the DVD, choose the Language and press "Install" I get an Error message stating "A DVD/CD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver CD/Floppy please insert it now..."

Here are my specifications-

HP Pavilion p6126f Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion p6126f Desktop PC - HP technical support (Austria - English)

I have experienced this same problem with Vista x86 and x64.
I am trying to clean install Windows 7 64bit.

I put the drivers on a thumb drive and Browse to it when 7 prompts me. Funny thing is, Windows 7 reads all the other files on the thumb drive like .psds, .flas, .skps, and so on.... but it just plays stupid to the actual drivers for the motherboard/chipset. The system rejects XP and I was forced to put Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu sucks, nothing runs. I know all about WINE to get some programs to run but I use the entire Adobe Suite.

People, you got manufacturer specific problems - likely your hardware is not compatible enough with 7..only your manufacturer/support can help you how to proceed with the problem.

Well, it can't be...

A Windows 7 compatibility issue because I stated that Vista does the same thing.

A Windows 7 compatibility issue because I stated that Vista does the same thing.
driver architecture Vista/7 is very similar - that's why it fails for you on both OS! :rolleyes:

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