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  1. Snapafun

    Snapafun Senior Member

    Jan 9, 2010
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    My system is using a Toshiba Satellite L500D and I have Windows 7 Home Premium as a clean install since RC7 and a further clean install once it went official.

    This CDDVDW plays, rips and burns cds fine.

    When it comes to DVDs however, it rarely plays, will not rip and fails on burns.

    This happens whether or not I use Microsoft products or 3rd party programs ~ either of which I had no problems with when using Vista.

    Toshiba supply with the system the option to install their products for control of the drive and that works most of the time. ( Always with CDs but it misses the odd time with DVDs.)

    At one time I had two drivers listed in Device Manager for this device ~ one Windows and one Toshiba. After upgrading, uninstalling and restarting, windows would again install both drivers and I figured that this was the problem.

    Not sure how I did it or whether it was the result of a Windows Update, but I'm back to one driver now and it appears to be the correct one.

    Along the way of trying to get this resolved I had updated the drive firmware and all OS's on this system see it as so. ( Tri booting Vista, Win7 & PCLinuxOS2010.07 ).

    As the CDs work fine and to Toshiba's own products appears to do I fair job, I'm inclined to think that the hardware is OK.

    So why can I not get Win7 to play nice with my hardware CDDVDW L633C TO02 drive?

    Anyone else having this problem?

    I have been around a lot of forums but have yet to discover an answer and suspect that I'm missing something that needs attention in Win7 - probably right in my face and I cannot see it. I'm not new to computers but this one has got me.
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