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Jan 12, 2009
Trying to install W7 on a PC running Vista. When I try to boot from the DVD I get the message CDROM cannot boot Code 5. Thinking the media must be bad I tried it on another PC and it boots fine.
I tried a Vista DVD in the original (failing) PC and it boots fine?

Any ideas please?

Should have added that if I boot this PC into Vista, it reads the DVD fine - just fails to boot off it.
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Im getting the same problem. The machine is a MSI 865 mobo and a Benq 1640 burner.
Thanks for any ideas.
Im suspecting the kvm switch and wireless kb and mouse.
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Code 5 can occur when the CD's boot sector is corrupted.
Try to burn a new cd on very slow speed x1...

Is this the first OS installation on this partition or have you guys had anything else there before?
The same DVD will boot fine on 2 other PCs so I don't suspect the DVD. I think it's an odd hardware problem as I have also tried another DVD drive and still the same. Odd thing is that a Vista DVD will bot fine on this PC !!
For the record lencuff, what type of motherboard chipset are you running?
I checked the kvm and wireless still no go
Not sure! It's an old mobo but I'll try and find out. Upgraded to W7 fine but now it can't find a driver for the network card
even though Vista can so I'll have to reinstall Vista to find out what the network card is in there as that's integrated as well !!

What fun!!
Just open the case and find the make and model of your mobo, then go to the manufacturers web and find the drivers. Much easier than a reinstall. Good luck.
Also: "CDROM cannot boot Code 5."

I have the same problem: "CDROM cannot boot Code 5." trying to install the beta Windows 7 version on a PC currently running Windows 2000. (Kindly note: the official Windows 7 version, downloaded today from the Windows site).

Thought it must be a bad ISO boot DVD than, so I tried to burn another Windows 7 boot disc. (downloaded the software again on my work PC (running Vista) and used Active ISO Burner 1.1 at 16xspeed on a Dell Dimension E520).

Than went back to the test PC and tried to boot agian: same error.
Would it be the DVD drive than ? So, I tried to boot from the orginal Windows 2000 DVD and... no problem. Than I tried the (two now) Windows 7 Beta versions in the original Vista PC and... no problem.: Blue Windows 7 start-up screen.

Conclusion: the ISO DVD's are fine but it won't boot in the test PC.
--> Test PC: P4S5A/DX+ board. Chipset SiS645DX Northbridge and Sis962/Sis962L

There must be something special in this ISO image causing a problem. Any idea ?
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Moved the optical to another machine, Win 7 boots fine from the disk.

Flashed my MSI865pe mobo still no go. I'll be damned, looks like this one has me.

Seems as if our mobos just don't like the image for whatever reason.

The disk will setup from within windows.
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Boot into Win 2000, then insert the disk and run the setup from there.

I'm assuming the disk is read in Win 2000, backup any important files before you do.

I ran the disk from within Vista home, and installed it to a separate physical disk in my machine.

Im looking for a clean install, which is looking like it's not going to happen with this image on this machine.

If you install W7 from one image drive, like nero's, have you tried that?

As a matter of fact I did try Nero, for the burn anyway.
Nero 9 trial is horribly bloated, not like the good ol days of Nero 5 and 6. Took forever to install and then wouldn't install without their cleanup utility. Even then it left a ton of crap behind.

I do appreciate the suggestion tho thanks.
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Ah but it doesn't !! I tried booting into Vista which was already installed - via a boot from the Vista DVD to install
in the first place so I know the DVD drive etc is fine.
Put the W7 DVD in and find setup.exe, forget exactly where it is and I can't get at it now as I am trying another install.
Just run the setup.exe and will do an in place upgrade to W7 !!

Not sure of would do the same from an Xp install though but I expect someone has tried it??
...Boot into Win 2000, then insert the disk and run the setup from there....


This does not work as it requires to boot right from the DVD. Once started from Win 2000 it requests to upgrade to another OS like XP (?)

For me, booting form the ISO DVD has ended as I can't boot (See error message in the subject line). So far for Windows 7 Beta than.
I apologize hojo, i just tried an in place upgrade from 2000 and no go.

Uninformed advice.
Code: 5

I have the same problem on one box, 3 DVD drives, 1 new, 2 used.

x64 version works fine (Not on this machine, but one of the same DVD drives).

I had to install an "older/another version of windows" (that takes up to 30 day to activate) and install from inside the old version circumventing the boot issue, then deleting the windows.old folder in the root (C:\).

This machine has booted every version of Slackware, Windows, and ANYTHING else I have thrown at it... I think the DVD .iso has issues...

the .iso May need a rework, for compatibility sake.

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MSI 865PE and Windows7

Moved the optical to another machine, Win 7 boots fine from the disk.

Flashed my MSI865pe mobo still no go. I'll be damned, looks like this one has me.

Seems as if our mobos just don't like the image for whatever reason.

The disk will setup from within windows.

I also have the MSI 865PE motherboard and am having the exact same issue.
The DVDs seem to be fine and will boot in other computers, but the comp with the MSI mobo has that error.

I tried putting in windows XP bootable CDs and they run fine...

Maybe it's an issue with trying to boot from a DVD with this motherboard?
Found a fix for my Code 5 boot problem

I ran into the same problem with an older test machine (Athlon 3200+, MSI w/VIA chipset, Samsung DVD-ROM drive dated 2005)--got the "CDBOOT: Cannot boot from the CD - Code: 5" error.
I tried both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of the Windows 7 beta--same error results. However, I had no problem booting either disks in my newer machines. I thought I was having a hardware problem until I saw that a lot of other folks had the same issues. Plus my Vista Ultimate DVD and Server 2008 beta burn booted in the old system just fine. So I guessed the problem was with the Windows 7 ISO. I tried to generate a new ISO from the Win7 DVD I burned using Nero 6 and an old XP boot bin but couldn't because the "install.wim" on Windows 7 was larger than 2GB and couldn't be put in an ISO using Nero.

I found this link:, installed the software (had to first download and install Windows AIK used for system deployment) on my Vista-64 system and followed the directions. Even though I wasn't really slipstreaming a service pack, the vLite software let me create a new ISO that I burned to DVD using vLite.

I haven't installed it yet but the new Windows 7 disk now boots up in all of my machines.


Did a clean installation on the old system with no problem.
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Thanks byron, that did the trick.
I did need to put the WIMGAPI.dll into the main Vlite folder manually after I installed Windows AIK.
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