Certain programs loading files very slowly

Hi all. I was recently having some bad video driver issues (getting frequent BSODs after updating to the latest drivers for my 560 Ti), so I did a system restore. After the restore, I'm not having any problems with that, but a new one has popped up: opening any photo or video file in Windows Photo Viewer, VLC, or MPC-HC takes a while. There's a 10-15 second delay. In the case of Windows Photo Viewer, it doesn't open the program until then. With VLC and MPC-HC, the program opens but it takes that long to load the file.

I've tried this on two separate hard drives, and opening the files with other programs (such as opening a local image file using Chrome) doesn't have the same delay. I've rebooted my computer several times, rebuilt my icon cache (which has fixed some similar bugs for me before), and checked that I didn't have an issue with color calibration (which reportedly slows down Windows Photo Viewer). Scanning with MSE turned up nothing. I can't do a system restore to any other point since this was the only one before I installed the new video card drivers that gave me even worse trouble.

So what gives?

I would suggest there is still some conflict regarding the vid drivers. > Device Manager & Roll Back the display driver & reboot. Also, look in Windows Update History for a vid driver update that went in that can be deleted from there (Windows Updates panel). Clean up the driver crumbs. This might be causing your issue. Cheers, Drew

Guess that was it. I did a clean install of the previous version of the driver and that seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks!

You're very welcome. Glad it's fixed. Cheers, Drew

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