Change active Drive in Win7?


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Hello all,
I'm brand new to windows 7. I just installed last night to a Crucial c300 SSD (drive c:\). I want to have everything else go to my 2TB Seagate Barrracuda HDD (Drive b:\). I'm sure it's just a setting in disk management somewhere, but how can I set it so that the default installation drive will be drive b:\? Thanks in advance,


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Hi Jackhitz,

I assume you mean you want the operating system and application software on the C drive and all your data ( documents, pictures etc. ) on the B drive ( setting the B drive to the active one will probably make your pc un-bootable ). Do the following ( I'm writing this from memory working on an XP machine so it may not be exactly what you see but I'm sure you'll get the general idea ):

open windows explorer and click on Documents under Libraries
right click on My Documents and click on Properties
click the Location tab, change the location to the B drive and click on OK/Apply
click OK/Apply/Yes to This folder doesn't exist, would you like to create it ?
click OK/Apply/Yes to Would you like to move the contents to the new location ?

Once all the data has been moved close all the pop-ups and repeat the process for My Pictures, My Music and My Videos.

I don't know how to change the location of the Public folders but if you don't put anything in them ( I never use them ) then it's no problem.

Hope this is of some help