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Is there any way to change the backspace key behaviour so that it is keyed to "Up one Level" rather than back?


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Unfortunately it's only available in older applications.

Yeah. OK. That answer has NOTHING to do with the original question.
I can't stand when people just post crap, just see themselves posted...

Here is the CORRECT answer:
Yes, Windows 7 (and Vista) have screwed up the "Backspace" key's behavior to go back instead of up. So when your are copying, cutting, pasting, deleting folders in explorer (that is what explorer IS FOR!) the "back" functionality get all screwed up because there is nothing to go back to.

Go download AutoHotKey (you can fix MANY Windows annoyances with this):
AutoHotkey Download
With AutoHotkey installed, create a new script with New –> AutoHotkey Script, and then paste in the following:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class CabinetWClass
   ControlGet renamestatus,Visible,,Edit1,A
   ControlGetFocus focussed, A
    SendInput {Alt Down}{Up}{Alt Up}
      Send {Backspace}
Make Backspace in Windows 7 or Vista Explorer Go Up like XP Did - How-To Geek

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