Windows 7 Change c: to I: and vice versa


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May 19, 2009
I posted this with no results in another w7 forum. Perhaps I'll have better luck here.

I have a small C: drive with too much stuff on it, and a new 250GB i: drive that is nearly empty.

How can i interchange these two drives so the big one is c: and the little one is i:? I will rebuild w7 rc and the other stuff on the new c:, and move the data (already on the old i:) to a new partition on the new c:.

Any help appreciated. :eek::confused:
well you could use norton ghost to copy the small drive to the big one and swap them over, but you'd need to move all the files you want to keep from the large drive first as it will wipe them of course. If thats not possible then you really need a third hdd to complete the juggle in an easy way...

ghost would basically copy all your data across from small to big and resize the spare space in the partition so you have free space and if you then swap the drives connections over (or change boot order) the ghosted copy on the big drive will keep the letter C...
I'm totally confused:confused:

Is this 2 hard drives or 2 partitions?

is there an OS on the 250GB ?

I don't know how Norton Ghost works (or where you get a free copy), but if you perform a "clean" install, (highly recommended) you'll need to re-install all your programs mainly every 3rd party application in the c:\Program Files directory.
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