Change default path of User profile personal files and program installation path

I have a computer with three partitions, the first with 100GB exclusively to Windows 7 (already installed), a partition for applications and another partition for personal files (photos, text, music, movies, etc.).

I wonder how to configure the location of "My Documents", so that all users have only their personal files on drive of personal files. In Windows Explorer changed in each of the users the location of the Documents, Music, Video and Pictures.
• After changed the location of the folders above, there is still the same folders in C:\users \, and there are user settings that are there defined, eg Desktop, in C:\Users\. Is there any way to move all settings and folders to another drive?
• Is there any way to do this operation automatic? for future users I will have to repeat the same operation, how can I indicate that all future users will have their settings and documents specified in this specific drive?

I installed some applications and found that some applications did not demand that the location where it was set to be installed the application, having been installed in C:\users and C:\Program Files, intended that all applications (except for windows and Office) were installed in drive applications. How do I specify that this is the default drive for installation applications? Keeping the installations of Windows + Office in this drive.

Applications installed by the administrator are available for all users or must be given access to other users ? How done?

In the drive file, which should contain the users and shared files, meant that each user only gets access their documents and shared. Where and how can make this configuration?

Thank you in advance for your help.

changing default patch of your programs its kinda beautiful and nice
but many problems may come
one of them is that windows updates will be installed to another location than in your windows system files
that problem is the most serious
but if you still want to change the default installation location
click start find run and type regedit
in regedit go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
and open at your right the ProgramFilesDir and put your new location you want
if you are running 64 bit system change also the ProgramW6432Dir
also this may help
How to Change the Default Location of the My Documents Folder

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I don't see any sense in having Windows on one partition and programs on a different one. If you have to reinstall Windows you'll most likely have to reinstall all the programs too. I use 2 partitions One for Windows and programs and the other for data. I do regular system images with Acronis TI and can restore system partition in less than 15 min.

for some its a problem
because he may have solid state drive which is small in size for windows and 2 terabyte hard disc for data
so in some situations you must do that but unfortunately microsoft does not support 100% that idea

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