Windows 7 change icon

so i'm trying to change the icon of a particular file type.
ie, pdf icon is gone for some reason so i want to put one there.

all i can find on the net is 'open up file types manager' BUT how on earth is that done?

am using win7 x64 home premium.
thanks :)

Hello liquidmonkey,

Try here, see if any of it helps;
how to change a file type windows 7 - Google Search

To just change the Icon of a file;
Right click on the file, click "Properties", then select either "Change Icon" located at the bottom of the window or select "Customize" located in the "Tab Bar" @ top, then select "Change Icon"

Hope this helps


properties for a FOLDER show that an icon can be changed but this is not the case when viewing properties for a file such as a pdf or jpg file.
its really weird :(

thanks for the suggestions though :)

THANKS! that looks like what i needed :)

a bit shocked that windows does not have a utility for this though. maybe in win8?


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All of those file extension icon's have stored information about which icon to display for each file type in the registry. It's not a Windows based thing, that icon for the specific filetype is determined on an APPLICATION level. Depending on which default program you have set to a file extension will determine what icon gets displayed for that file extension because it's been added by the program itself, and not your Windows operating system.

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