Change of Volume Label

How do change Volume Label? Message shows "Access denied"


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Can you give a few more details - Which volume (or do you mean Folder labels)
It is not normally a problem -right click and rename.

I want to change the volume label of my partition (wrongly named 500Gb_I to 500Gb_F, which is the real partion on my 2 hard disks.But Win7 shows ACCESS DENIED

P.S. I use Total Commander for ALL explorer type functions. Its a million times better than Windows Explorer. I also use it to rename partitions etc...

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Sorry. Cannot help. I dont use total commander as windows explorer does all I require. In my customised view (Show drive letters) I would not need the choice of name you are using -it shows the drive letter.


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I renamed mine no problem using WE. U might stoop to WE and try it, then u would know if it is a TC problem.
Also, it shouldn't matter, but if u are not logged on as admin u might try right clicking and selecting RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR


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Perhaps, if you cannot do it with Windows explorer, you could temporarily uninstall Total Commander and change the name, then reinstall?

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