Windows 7 Change options of the right-click menu of the taskbar


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Ok, so most of everyone here knows that when you right-click the taskbar you can start task manager. What I want to do is make it start task manager by default with admin privileges. I mainly want to do this so that I can see processes from all users as soon as I click "Start Task Manager."

Does anyone know how to change this?

I know I can go into the registry and make a key under HKEY_Classes_Root\Directory\Shell to start the task manager with the same idea that I'm wanting to, but I dont want it to be just the default right-click menu, just when I right click the task bar.

Help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Easiest way would be to create a shotcut to C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe and then right click the shortcut, choose properties and go to compatibility and check "run this program as administrator."