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I was setting up a network and in the confusion somehow got a deny permission on 'Everyone' group. Since deny permissions take preference I now don't have the ability to remove this setting. Even when taking ownership and full control etc. My user and administrator still falls under everyone and therefore cant change the setting. In essence getting an access denied on changing the permission:mad:. Please can anyone help me on this matter.


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Well, I am not experienced with setting up networks, but are you referring to the Sharing options?

Did you create an "Everyone" group?

What exactly are you trying to take ownership of, the group?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I an not that familiar and do not know your level of experience or what type of network you are setting up.

Well the network setup is irrelevant. What I need to know is how to change permissions on a folder when the actual changing of permissions are denied .


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You may have to take ownership of a particular file or folder to change some permissions.
Make sure that you consider both "Share Permissions" in the case of shared network resources, as well as NTFS permissions located under the security tab (local permissions/access rights). Whenever they combine the most restrictive prevails.
Please avoid the temptation to take ownership and or change permissions of system files and folders as well as "Juntion Points" which may appear to be folders but are actually just pointers.

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