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Does anyone know of a way to change the permissions on multiple folders? I am able to change them if I select each folder individually, but changing permissions on multiple folders doesn't seem to work. I have also noticed this with Server 2008 as well.

I am logged in as the local admin on this machine, so I don't know if that's the issue. I dont really have any other ideas though...any thoughts?

Check out the screenshots...


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bump .

This might be a pain, but I think it's the only way it will work. I don't think you can hightlight multiple folders and change the permissions/owner.

Create a new folder and move all of your folders that you want to change into it. Right click the folder you just created and click "Properties". Now click the on security tab and then click "advanced" at the bottom. A new window will pop up. Click on the "owner" tab and then "Edit" at the bottom. Now you should see a list off all the users on that computer. Click on the one you want to give permission to and then on the bottom tic "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects." And then click OK.

Now all your folders should have the same permissions.

Hope that helps.


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If you want multiple directories, you best bet would be the take ownership script

I'll upload it

Unzip it, double-click on it.


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