Changed Drive Letter With Disastrous Consequences!!


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My new Windows 7 computer has been made unbootable because I tried to change a drive letter. What can I solve this problem ? How can I prevent the same thing happen again? I will explain what happened.

Yesterday, I booted my Windows 7 computer and as it was booting I plugged in my camcorder in a spare USB port.
When it booted, I saw that the letter of my external hard drive had changed from I to J. I could not have this for then the Search documents function would not work. So I opened up Disk Management and tried to change the drive letter from J to I but the letter I was not available.
I had used Disk management before and I knew that the drive letter I must have been used by some obscure drive in my computer. I decided to change the F drive to R in an attempt to make the letter I available. I then tried to change the letter drive from J to I and this time the drive letter I was available. I changed the drive letter but I did not restart my computer immediately. Later I shut down the computer. But when I tried to boot up my computer again, it would not boot at all. I changed the plug fuse 3 times and the same thing happened so I know it was not plug fuse.
I have all my data and my Acronis backup in my external hard drive.
What am I going to do? Please help.


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Hi kaos,
The computer lights up a little when I push the on button but does not proceed to boot.
Nothing appears on the screen at all.


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Have you checked the cables are correctly inserted?
Have you checked a different monitor. Changing the drive letter will not cause boot errors


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Nothing to do with the monitor. The computer simply does not light up as normal when I press the START switch at the front of the desktop tower. Yes the electrical cable is properly connected from the power point to the computer and I changed the fuse 3 times all to no avail.
I am puzzled by what you say because there were windows messages warning that something may not work if you change the drive letter....


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I cannot see it mentioned in your post, but have you tried booting with the camcorder unplugged? From your description, it does look like a piece of hardware is demanding too much from the power unit. Try also with the external unplugged.