Changing DVD Region in Windows 7 64bit

Hi all,

I recently changed my DVD Region setting to Region 2 to play a PAL DVD from Europe, and now it won't change back to Region 1. Everytime I try, it gives an error saying the drive needs Region 1 media to make this change so please insert Region 1 media and try again. I have Region 1 media in my DVD player, but nothing working. I am trying to find whatever registry key would force this change, and not having much success there either. If anyone has seen this and is experiencing the same, please let me know, it's really bugging me now.



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The problem may have more to do with the DVD drive's firmware than a registry setting. Try inserting the Region 2 media and attempt to reset to region 1 and see if that helps. I assume you haven't exceeded the five changes allowed? Have a look at this link and see if it helps. How to change DVD region ? How to make your drive DVD region free ?
Haven't tried any of those techniques so I'm not endorsing them, just thought you might have a look and see if it would provide any further insight into your issue.
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Thanks for the quick reply Randy. I had tried changing it back to Region 1 when the Region 2 DVD was still in the drive, and that's where I first saw the error. I figured fine, when I need to play another DVD I will just change it then. Now that time has come, and it's still giving me that error. I still have 3 changes left according to the counter, but I can't do anything. Even trying to change to Region 3 or 4 produces the same error message. This is truly bizarre. Aside from completely formatting and re-installing, I am a little stumped.


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Have you rebooted since the first change?

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