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I wish to purchase Windows 7 in the near future, I will also be upgrading my motherboard and CPU when I have the money but I am worried if I purchase and install Windows 7, then upgrade my hardware months later will I have problems with license thinking it is a new computer. Am I right in thinking if I buy the retail version I wont have an issue?


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You might want to talk to Microsoft about it. If you do not have an OEM version, you should be able to change hardware, but you may have to call them and possibly get a new key. I just do not know for sure.

Ok, thanks for your reply Best thing to do is get the hardware first, then the operating system I think. But I will contact Microsoft as it will be good to know for future refference.


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I installed a new video card and sound card in my computer .

I thought I would get the dreaded message that you hardware had changed and you had to re-activate.

But I did it without incident.

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I think the motherboad replacement will cause the dreaded message to pop up. I think you then need to call MS. Other than motherboard I think it's the number and combination of things you change. If you add an external HD leave it off if you do a full reinstall because in XP that did trigger the message for me when I tried to re activate.

I changed a MB and CPU Memory and Video Card with an OEM installed and all it took was a call to MS and they asked some questions gave me a series of numbers to install activated with no probelms


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