Windows 7 Changing key


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I have been using windows 7 for almost a month now and all the way up until now windows has gave me the option to change the key but i checked it today after getting a key from Microsoft and the option is now gone. Does anyone know of another way to change the key besides through control panel/System

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Yes, wait for a minute for the option to come up. It takes a few seconds. Something will come up, whether you have activated or not. I ran into a similar problem when i went to activate my laptop, took like a full minute for the option to come up. If it never comes up, i would recommend restarting and trying again.
I didn't enter key when i upgraded and was propted to enter a key when i try to send feed Back to "MS"

Don't know if this will helps
I have restarted my computer multiple times and have been waiting for 20 minutes so far.

Well you said you have been using windows 7 for a month, so obviously you got the torrent version that was leaked. Did you do anything to skip activation? You should consider installing a legit version from microsoft now that its a public beta open for almost all of january.