Changing raid configuration before upgrade

I am currently running vista 32 bit with 4 sata drives in a single raid 0 array. I want to clean install windows 7 64 bit upgrade and change to a raid 5 array. If I delete the current array and build a new one, will Windows 7 upgrade install and activate without seeing another windows operating system on the hard drive(s)?

If you set up a new array, you'll need to create new partitions and to do a clean install, neither the upgrade option nor the data stored on your previous raid configuration will be available.

I understand that it's essentially wiping the system clean, but my question is whether Windows 7 with upgrade license will install and activate (using the custom/clean installation option) without seeing a previous version of Windows on the system.

By the upgrade you will have to reinstall the original OS. You will wipe it out when you reconfigure the Raid setup.

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