Changing the default selection on the "Windows failed to start" screen


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We have 32-bit Windows 7 Enterprise deployed in our environment. We also utilize a full disk encryption solution whose kernel disables USB input during the boot process.

When an end user experiences a startup issue (for example, we repair a boot\bcd issue), their PC will boot as far as the screen prompting them to run a startup repair. Their USB keyboards are disabled and they are unable to arrow down to select 'Start windows normally'. If we obtain a PS/2 keyboard then they can select the appropriate option and their computer starts normally. However, these are obviously increasingly scarce, and may present a problem in the future.

Is anyone aware of a way to modify what the default selection is on that bootup screen prompting the user to run the startup repair?

I should mention that we are running the startup repair from a WinPE environment which repairs the issue and should be able to make registry changes inside WinPE if necessary. I'm guessing there's something in the registry (similar to if the dirty bit is set) that needs to be cleared since Windows detected a problem, then we repaired it in the PE environment, and Windows is still convinced that the problem exists.

Any input would be very welcome.


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