Changing the highlight/click file functionality

I'm looking for a way to change the functionality of the single click actions for files in Windows 7.

As it is now, if you click on a file, it highlights it with a faint highlight. If I click it again it attempts to rename the file. This makes it a PITA to delete files if they are preselected and I wish to change the functionality to something more like Windows XP where you had to click twice in a certain period of time. (Maybe the period of time in Windows 7 is WAY too long?) I find myself trying to delete a file to find that I simply deleted the name. Heck, if I can turn off file renaming by click, that would work as well since I usually right click to rename. Also, if there's a way to turn off the "feature" that it only selects the filename and not the extension during a rename, that would be awesome too.

Anyone have a clue on this?

Control Panel -> Folder Options -> Double click to open an item
Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View -> Use checkboxes to select items

That's not really what I'm looking for. I want to change the delay for renaming. I already have double click to open, and don't want "use checkboxes" functionality.

Any other suggestions (from anyone) for changing the single click to rename functionality? (Timer, disable, whatever!)

Soo... nothin?

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