Changing the location of the desktop on the file system

Hi everyone,

Can someone help me. Under Vista I had setup user folders into e: -drive and kept the c: -drive just for OS and stuff. i.e. my desktops were also stored at e:/users/<userx>/desktop. This setup just didn't seem to work well and now after upgrading the Windows 7 I would want to put all the stuff back under c:/users/<userx>/. I have managed to move everything else expect for the desktop. There is no location tab under the desktop that would allow it to be moved.

How can I relocate the desktop bck to the c: drive?



Thanks for the reply. I found the settings for the common desktop there, but I have two user accounts setup on the machine and could not find the path for the individual users desktop? Where might one find that?


Got it, the setting was actually in two places:

HKEY Current user -> software -> microsoft -> windows -> explorer and there shell folders and user shell folders. changed both and that solved it.



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You have to make many,. many charges in the registry,. really not worth it.

On my F: drive,. I just created a Users folder,. then copied the contents of the Users file folder on the desktop to that location.

But your setting are still going to go the the normal location.

I just store Pictures,. music and videos on the F: drive.

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