Windows 7 changing toolbox background color and borders around active apps in win7 possible?

Hi All

i have probably a stupid question but i did my research over the internet and in 3 weeks i havent find any anwser so i decided to start posting this question.
Basicly i customized most of the features i needed to be custom in windows7,

however there is still two features i didnt mange to change and i cant sleep over it.
please take a look at attached picture

question 1.
is there any way to change color of the black border that highlites open applications in windows7. I would like to change its opacity or color to be paler then it is now. Since in vertical settings and bright bacground black solid border just dont seem right.

question 2.
there is a defalut bluish - violet color for all toolboxes across windows7. I mange to change all the colors of windows borders and stuff. I didnt get to find anywhere on how to change that violet tone.
so my question is : if there is a way of changing that color or texture ?

just those two question. If you manage to anwser any of it i will be more then happy.
thank you in advanced for all your help.


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Did you ever get this figured out? (Color of the menu area)

i purchased vista style builder - and i will try fixing it with this. I didnt have time yet - but i hope yo make it work this weekend. I will keep you posted once i will succeed :).

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