Changing Versions of Windows 7


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I read earlier, can't remember where, most likely a MS Developer. That the new Windows 7 will have all the versions on a DVD and that the Key "Unlocks" the features. I was really excited to hear this. Well I installed Windows 7 (with the Ultimate DVD) and tried putting a Professional Key.

It tells me it is an invalid key for this installation and is requiring me to reinstall??? Does anyone remember M$ toting this as a great feature for Windows 7... no need to carry around 6 DVD's to help customers?


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Yes, but W7 isn't released yet so you couldn't have a valid retail key. Which version of W7 are you trying to install? If it is 7600 RTM build then there aren't any keys but you can 're-arm' it a couple of times to extend it's life cycle until you get a retail key. If it's an RC then one of the old beta keys should still work.

I did read that all versions do ship on one disc but since have heard variations on this like this.

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