Changing XP Mode VHD


New Member
So I made an image with XP Mode that I want to use as a base image for multiple other users XP Mode on my network. I put all of the applications on the image and syspreped (Resealed it). So now I have a clean VHD with all my applications on it that is ready for first time use for each machine. I have installed XP Mode on all of the other computers and have booted the virtual machine the for the first time in order to create the VHD on that computer. I then copied over the VHD image that I want to use and deleted the original VHD. I have tried naming it the same as the original VHD that was created, as well as changing the name. I have opened the XP Mode application settings and mapped the hard drive to point to this file. However, when I try to start XP Mode now it is saying that it has no VHD file and must create a new one. Why are these machines not taking this new VHD? Thanks in advance for any help.

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