Chaning mac address aitlive WT-2000pci

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    Hi. I'm having problems with my airlive WT-2000pci wireless card. I want to change mac address/network address under windows 7 x64bit 7600rtm but with no luck. I'm using latest official drivers for 64bit vista, I have even tried older drivers but nothing helps. When I log onto windows XP i can easily change mac address with device manager>properties>advanced>network address and i just enter desired mac address. This option (network address) doesn't exist in Windows 7. I've done windows 7 update and device manager refers the wireless card as Ralink RT61, not as Airlive WT-2000pci as it did before the update. I've googled for hours but found nothing that could help me. I'm desperate to change my mac address since my Wireless ISP has mac authentication for every account and I have 2 accounts and I want to use them from 1 pc. This is the only thing making me keep dualboot win7 and xp on my machine.
    Is there solution for my problem? Regards, Samir, Bosnia.
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