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Jan 4, 2013
hi hi

I have recently purchased a new desktop with windows 8 preinstalled and i seem to have an issue with chatrooms i visit - a problem i didnt have with windows 7

one of these sites is www.sensuouschatcom and yes that is an adult site which i hope doesnt break any rules

when i visit now i cant seem to post properly i cant see half the ones i post but others in the room can then i have to constantly reload pages to see my posts but there is no consistency for example i may be fine on one visit for 20 posts then the next visit only 3

i have tried firefox IE10 opera chrome and the same thing happens i have the latest flash n java installed (if i even need them for rooms im not sure)

all this leads me to believe there maybe a setup or option or some such in windows 8 that is causing this as this is the only thing that has changed ( i cant imagine its a pc hardware problem)

i really would appreciate any help that people can offer


Have you tried Compatibility Mode in IE 10? Perhaps these sites have not been updated to Win 8 specs. Many sites are slow to do this.
You need to go to Internet Options, Security, click on Restricted sites. See if any of the sites you are trying to use are listed, if so Remove... where you could get in them before, now they will work fully & properly. The issue is more related to IE 10 than Win8.

I don't see that the poster has an issue opening the site, only using it?
But fwiw, the address you have has a typo, as you can see. When I went to .com, it opened fine.
I could not follow through, to check your problem, as it would mean registering, which I did not care for, but it was apparent, from the home page and subsequent pages, that it was heavy with Java. Perhaps you could try updating that?

I realize he could get 'in'; sometimes, referring back to what I'd said, one can get in a site but, it will not be fully functional until after it is removed from Restricted sites... it may be worth his checking into this. No harm, no foul.

hi and thank you for your help and thoughts and yes it was a problem with my antivirus

apparently Most typically this is caused by your antivirus's webshield which is trying to preempt the open stream connection of the Chatropolis HTML chat room. It sees the open stream as a security threat as HTML pages open a connection, load the web page, close the connection but do not stay open constantly. Look into disabling the web/internet/surf shield while within a chat room in order to fix this issue. (quote from email)

My mcafee trial was causing it now on windows defender
Well, certainly, moving from McAfee to MSE is 'all good'! Cool you have things all sorted out, now.

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