Cheap Parts?

Imma 10 year old gamer who frankly, doesn't have a gaming computer. I've been wanting to buy a new GPU and a new SSD/HDD for a while, but I can't find anything on a $40 budget.

So These are the things I need help with:
GPU with DirectX 11+, Pixel Shaders 4.0+, and 512mb+ of Dedicated VRam
And an SSD with 250gb or HDD with Terabyte of space

Thanks! :up:


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I wouldn't worry so much about your disk and certainly the price of a SSD would not justify the cost in terms of performance. What are your current machine specs?

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A quick peak at your specs says to me for you to wait, save more money and buy a $100 video card. Both AMD and NVidia have cards that will provide good performance and use little enough power at that price point that you shouldn't need to replace your power supply as well. An SSD of 250GB is going to cost even more money and won't affect your frame rate very much. I would suggest that you leave that for another later date or machine. An extra TB of space would do little except drain a bit more power from your power supply. Good luck.

I had $100, but I donated to a game server. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. :)

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