Windows 7 Chinese writing at startup....HELP


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Has anyone seen this before? And if so what does it mean? This keeps showing up at startup on a computer I built for a friend....weird

0429131610.jpgHope you can see this..

Any feedback will be appreciated!!
Is your copy of windows legit? I've only seen stuff like this from copied versions, which is totally illegal.
Yes it is legit. since posting this I have found that it might be related to the cpu not the os. This computer that I built has an AMD FX cpu. I am now thinking that there is an issue with the motherboards core unlocking..ASUS..I am going to look at the pc this weekend, but have a feeling this is what I will find. So far all my knowledge of the issue is through text messages. I thank you for your response and if you think I am an the wrong track please feel free to correct me.I also learned that this screen posts at shutdown not at startup like I was lead to believe. I am thinking this might be a failure message put out by the cpu, but unfortunatly I cant read Chinese ..
It may very well be....who knows...I don't read Chinese

If you could fill in your system specs as detailed as possible in the user profile area...that would help tremendously.

just a thought, do you have the latest drivers installed for the mobo including chipset and BIOS and that those drivers are the English version and not the Chinese/Asian versions.

With out any system specs, it's hard to find out what you have and what you actually might need.
Like I said i will be able to work on the system this weekend and will be able to learn more. They might have installed an outdated driver or like I've seen a hundred times, messed with their system clock.

I thank you for your intrest in this issue. I will keep posting on this thread as i learn more.
Well I now know what that writing means... No Signal... Yup thats right someone changed the language on the monitor... lol.

Anyway thanks bassfisher6522 for your intrest and input. Maybe we can work on a real problem together someday..