Chkdsk deleted all my files.

Chkdsk deleted all my files.

COmputer: Toshiba Satellite 4GB ram
OS: Vista Ultimate

I have a 1 month old 0.5TB USB external drive that I use to backup all my data, work, personal stuff, etc - 10 years of my life.

I am running vista ultimate.

WHen vista starts and the usb is plugged in it usually asks if you would like to check for consistency and gives you about 10 seconds to cancel the check (by pressing any key). I was walking towards the computer but was too late and windows went ahead and checked for consistency.

The log file for the check is below ( )

WHen vista started I went to the USB drive and saw that it was empty and that I had 0.5TB free space.

10 years of my life -- how do I get my files back?


Try Experts!

Try Data Recovery!

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Thye can be Retrive

Don't worry your 10 yrs of life wont be erased all of a sudden. But, you should completely stop using your USB Drive because overwriting in your USB Drive means you are erasing your previous data's completely and this might lead to a serious data disaster situation.

Furthermore, stop experimenting your USB Drive with freeware data recovery softwares because there are various types of softwares which functions differently and all are specially designed for various data recovery conditions and depends upon your Solid State Drive too. So using them without being prescribed by real experts means you are risking your data's and the life span of your drive too. I think its better if you consult the experts rather than taking any chances.

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