Windows 7 Chkdsk hangs


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I loaded up Windows 7 Build 7000 awhile ago on a HP L2000 Laptop. Everything has been running great until this morning. MS Outlook 2007 froze on me, and scanpst couldn't read the pst file. So for good measure I setup a chkdsk and it has been running for 6+ hrs on a 80GB hardrive with only 35GB in use. Anyone else have issues with chkdsk hanging without any errors?

chkdsk finally finished but now I can't get it to stop. Almost as if the boot.ini has a forced chkdsk written in it. Didn't Vista get rid of the boot.ini file? Need to figure out a way to stop the chkdsk's. The CD image doesn't have a repair function like XP did.


I was finally able to get the advanced system recovery options window to open and using the CLI found that even though I can do a dir on system32, it says that chkdsk and everything else I try to run is corrupted and to run a chkdsk on the file system.

Is it possible to put chkdsk from another computer onto a disk and run it from the disk?

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