ChkDsk wrecks data?


Windows 7 destroyed itself using AUTOCHK without warning on boot twice, where after the second time, even the Windows repair DVD could not help.

After the first chkdsk on boot (autochk), some pictures on my SD card and on the PC itself were unreadable. When I opened the photo files using NotePad, I found entries from my browsing history inside of JPG and PNG files!

After chkdsk 2, which happened 2 months later, there is only BSOD on boot and the Windows repair DVD could not help anymore.


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The Autochecks (some files where left open on last shutdown / file structure on disk corrupted) may be caused by a malfunction harddisk.
Have the disk checked with Seatools, you can download it from the Seagate support pages.
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autochk which is just a ntfs only version of chkdsk doesn't touch data. It only verifies and repairs the underlying file system structure. I would imagine you have either problems with your hard disk or the data was corrupted by other means.