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    Chrome dumps http:// - Pocket-lint

    Google has taken an interesting move in the latest developer builds of its Chrome browser. The company has stripped out the http:// prefix from web addresses, leaving them to start solely with "www."
    On the vast majority of sites, you'll no longer see those letters. Sites that use ftp:// or https://, however, will still display them - to keep support for these protocols. Also, if you copy/paste an address, the http:// will automatically be added back in for the benefit of those not using browsers that support http://-free addresses.
    Thom Holweda at OS News, who spotted the move, criticised Google for "hiding complexity" however, saying: " You can cover up that pile of mangled corpses in your bedroom with a flower-patterned table cloth, but that doesn't actually address the problem of there being a pile of mangled corpses in your bedroom".

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