Windows 7 Chrome/Safari conflict?


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I put Google Chrome on shortly after first installing the 7000 build. Sometime after, I put on Safari as well, and liked it better, so pretty much stopped using the Chrome. Sometime later, I wanted to compare page load times or something, and tried to use Chrome; it couldn't access any sites at all. I uninstalled it. Today, I wanted to give it another chance, so I got on to the Google site, started the install, and it failed. Running the install downloaded didn't work either. I checked the Background Transfer setting - the only real advice it gave, and even turned the firewall/AV (AVG) right off. It still can't connect. IE8 gets online fine. Anybody else hear of Safari shutting out Chrome, or does this sound like some other background problem?


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firewall problems

windows 7 doesn't like external firewalls. firewalls can act randomly, even in ways you never know. i would suggest trying to use windows firewall instead and trying again. either way, the best browser is firefox, so you could try just using that!