NEWS Citizens Arrest on UK Police caught kidnapping - POLICE AGREE TO PAY £5 million fine


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Published on 25 May 2014
Bexleyheath Police admit breaking into the home of a severely disabled grandmother of late baby Sunaina without a Warrant. The Police also admit the mother, also disabled victim of fraud is arrested by Police apparently concerned for her welfare, after forced entry WITHOUT any warrant, crime or charge. The victim's elderly severely disabled mother was left terrified with an officer snooping around the house. Sadhana was taken out handcuffed and left in a van for 2 hours and then left in a very cold room without any visitors, calls or a call to a solicitor. The family were denied her release until 9pm, after 10 hours, despite their offer of a settlement of the impossible fine of an impossible license breach. see London Borough of Redbridge V Chaudhari & Kumar
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