Clean Install INCLUDING Windows Update and Drivers BUT without going online



Can anyone please advise on this:

I'm attempting to make a clean install of Windows 7 64-Bit Ultimate on my HP HDX16T. I want to do this and include Windows Updates and Drivers without going online.

So I've made the first-run clean install and gone online using Windows Update which has automatically downloaded all required Drivers and Updates.

So I'd now like to locate where Windows 7 has stored these updates and drivers locally , so I can burn them to DVD, make a second-run clean install INCLUDING Drivers and Updates, but not having gone online.

The reason for this is I want to get my PC build as far as possible without going online and then image the build using a copy of Norton Ghost.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums, SF ! :)


Where does Update Store Files? in Windows Update

I see 3 ways:

1. I know some people download updates manually and then incorporate them to the system installation files with the help of something like vlite, but incompatibilities may occur during installation, so to make a working updated DVD may take an effort.

2. If doing online updates did not take you long, you may simply go online for those fresh updates every time that you install Windows 7.

3. You may want to make and use an image of your currently configured system :

How To Create a System Image of Your New Windows 7 Install |

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