Clean Install Windows 7 from Vista...error code 0x80070241

Hi, I'm not incredibly tech savvy, and am having troubles installing Windows 7 on my laptop. I purchased the software, downloaded the .iso file from Microsoft's site, then burned the .iso file to a disc. Once on the disc it showed a few different folders and a setup option. I launched the setup option, which brought up the install window for windows 7. I chose clean install because upgrade is not an option for the current version of vista that I have, and while it is copying the files, after about 3% it gives me the error code 0x80070241 and says something about not being able to copy all of the needed files and that some of them may be corrupted. I don't know if this is a problem with my computer or with the disc that I've burned. If anyone knows a good way to fix this problem, please let me know. This is becoming frustrating for me.



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Try reburning the ISO at the slowest possible speed your software will support. If your software doesn't support a burning speed adjustment utility that will get you down to something like 4x, try using a third party iso burning utility like imgburn and see if that helps.

Joe S

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The imgburn The Official ImgBurn Website works really well. There have been tons of complaints about corrupted disks. The most common cause was burning faster than 4x. The imgburn is real simple to use also.

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