Windows 7 Clean Install??


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Jan 5, 2009
Hey folks just another noob here,

I'm currently running XPSP3(no Vista here) and I was wondering if I can do a clean install of Win 7 7000 on a spare HDD I have. Do I need a Vista disc to do it? Thanks in advance, this forum is great BTW!!
Yes, you can do a clean install of Win7 b7000 on a spare hard drive without a Windows Vista disk.
Windows 7 b7000 is a standalone OS.
Hi the762000 and welcome to Windows 7 Forums!! :)

Let us know how ya made out, most have been installing without any major problems but some have encountered some weird issues.. hope it goes well for ya! ENJOY! You won't be disapointed! ;)
This is so freakin' awesome!!!!!!!!!

Dude, dude, dude...


Okay, breathe. Quick system specs:

ASUS Crosshair Mobo
AMD 64 X2 6400+ Dual-Core 3.21 Ghz Processor
4GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 RAM(AND IT READS ALL OF IT!!!)
XFX NVidia GeForce 8600GT
Dual LAN(Which was automatically paired and FLIES!!!!)

And here's the best part. Swapped in an old WD SATA HDD into my HDD enclosure which is an eSATA enclosure. Booted it up in XP, partitioned and formatted it, and all I had to do to install was point Win7 setup to a Silicon Image SATA driver on my ASUS mobo disk and... voila!!! It installed and did NOTHING to my old XP drive. And yes, I can dual-boot back into XP.

OMG....:D:D:D:D.... I'm JUST getting started with it so I have to get back. I'm going to throw every program I have at it until it begs me to stop. WINDOWS 7 IS ABSOLUTELY FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!
Just installed over XP sp3, it kept all my programs, files, and stored them in a folder called windows.old. I didnt have to redownload anything I could just open them up and install them in Windows 7.

The first time I tried the install it said I was missing install.wim and I could not proceed but then I rebooted and had a clean install all the way through.

The only driver I had to update was for my wireless adaptor but it was working fine with the default driver. I am going to install it on a new hard drive as mine is only a 5400 40gb and I was getting a low score on it but my other stats are:

xfx geforce 8200
amd 64x2 black 5000
2gig of dual channel ram

everything is working great and fast!
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