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If l do a clean install on my c drive will l lose the data on my d drive ?

No, you won't. :)

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You shouldn't but it's a good idea to backup in case. More that one person has picked the wrong drive to format and install on. So look real close when you get to that stage.

OK, annother question. I have Win7 64bit registered and running on my C drive. I have Win7 RC runnning on my D drive and I dual boot between the too.
Win7 RC is gonna die pretty quick and I'm wondering if I can take my paid for copy of win7 and do a clean install on my D drive and continue to dual boot between the drives. It's all on the same machine.... Will Wn 7 unactivate the copy on C drive if I activate the copy on D drive?



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If you are asking whether it is legal to run a 32 and 64 bit versions of Win 7 using the same key, I have seen opinions on both sides. Therefore, no definitive answer from where I stand and there probably won't be until someone goes to court. I wish Microsoft would have listed some of the standard no-nos, but they have not.

If you feel it is legal, it has been suggested that you might wait 30 days after activating the first install before you activate the second. Will it even work then--I have no idea.


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I would say no as the key entitles you to run either the 32 bit or 64 bit as a single instance and never at the same time on any machine ..............

If you imagine this was the way a large corporation setup thousands of machines and ran dual boot setups with the same OS and key it would lose Microsoft a lot of money :frown:

This is not my personal opinion and for the domestic user it does not do Microsoft any favours but it is still nonetheless part of their license agreement :)

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