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I was wondering is it possible to remove all home groups and start from scratch.
I have two win7 64bit computers but somehow I have messed up the networking so much I would like to start over. Both computers can use the internet but they do not connect to each other. If it is possible to start from the beginning again how do I do it?

Thank you

Yes, simply leave Homegroup and turn PC off. Do this for all PC's in the Homegroup and when you boot back up you will have the option to create a new Homegroup. After the first PC creates a Homegroup and is powered up, any PC on the network will have the option to join the Homegroup.


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Thank you for that.
I did as you said but the second computer cannot join the network. The only option it gives me is to set up a network. It's weird though I can access computer 2 from computer one but not the other way around.

Try these settings for both PC's and see if they help.
  • Turn on network discovery
  • Turn on file and print sharing
  • Turn off password protected sharing
  • Check to see if Windows is set to manage Homegroup connections
Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings


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Computer 2.
All but the Home group connections are correct.
There is a message "There are no homegroup on the network" on the homegroup page this is where it will let me create a network. But I already have the network created on computer1.

Computer 1 can see and access computer 2 but computer 2 has no idea at all and does not show the other computer.

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Are both PC's set to be a home network? Only PC's setup as home networks can join Homegroups. Work and public networks can not join Homegroups.


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es they are both home networks. I am going to reset the router, hopefully that's the problem.


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now both computers can "see" each other but I can't access computer 1 from computer 2 I get a message saying something is wrong with my network but when I click diagnose the computer can't computer 1.

The error message is
Error code 0x80070035 path not found

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Problem solved.
thanks for the help

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