Client PC no longer get internet connection from Host PC via ICS. Please help.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by ghost_301, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Alright, as mentioned, this is a strange problem for me. Previously I had the settings in both host and client setup and both work very well; client PC get internet connection whenever the host PC connected. However, it no longer get the internet connection from host PC, after a few days of my ISP down time. I am not sure what's the problem that can cause this.

    Below are my PCs configurations:

    Host PC

    Windows 7 x64 Pro
    Two LAN cards: One is connected to an ADSL modem provided by ISP, the other one connected to cross-over cable

    I had both LAN cards bridged together because previously I can't get the ICS and homegroup worked together without bridging. So now I have only one MAC bridged network in host PC. I used manual dialer for my broadband connection and I have enabled ICS in the dialer. My bridged LAN has DHCP enabled, and it automatically get an IP of with Gateway and DNS Server (I access my modem by this IP as well).

    Client PC

    Windows 7 x64 Pro
    One LAN card: Connected to cross-over cable

    The LAN card has DHCP enabled as well. The IP it get is and Gateway and DNS Server


    With these configuration, I can have the file sharing worked, as well as the Homegroup. But internet connection still doesn't work for my Client PC even though I had enabled ICS on my host PC. I had tried to set the Gateway and DNS server on Client PC as my host PC IP (, but it still doesn't work for me. (I had previously used this configuration and it works, I don't know why it doesn't work now)

    At the Client PC, there is one red cross in between the network (center) and internet (right) at Network and Sharing Center. When I clicked on it, it starts diagnose and it told me that 'the DNS server isn't responding' and it doesn't fix the problem for me. And when I check the full mapping of the connection in Client PC, Below is shown, with no connection to internet while the host is connected to internet.

    Yfrog - problemc

    I had tried to uninstall the LAN driver, update the LAN driver, run netsh winsock reset, run netsh ipconfig /renew, reset IE settings, but still seems deson't solve the problem.

    And one thing surprises me is that even my host PC full mapping shows that I am not connected to internet, this is really weird as I am connected without problem and the first page of the network and sharing center shown me I am connected.

    Yfrog - 39533861

    Yfrog - 14949721

    I suspecting the problem is caused by my host PC but I did everything that I know of but the problem still persists. Both PC doesn't change anything during the ISP downtime, and when the connection is back, this problem just suddenly come out from nowhere.

    For my host PC, I had tried to uninstall drivers for both LAN cards, re-bridge, recreate the dialer etc. but still cannot solve the problem.

    Any ideas guys? I knew it will be easier if buying a router to do internet sharing but I am kind of tight in the budget, and this p2p method works pretty smooth without problem except this time. Hope any experienced networking expert can shed some light on this problem. If you require to know any info, just ask me, I am more than willing to provide any infos.


    Anyway, I would like to know is the internet sharing works without router? I checked on the guide for ICS and I found it is just using Wired Hub (which I presumed is Switch) and with ICS enabled, all computers can get the connection. Is it true? Switch is much more cheaper than a router, so I am thinking if a switch can solve the problem, I might consider getting a switch, but of course I would like to solve the problem without buying it.

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