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What's the fastest way to close an application currently on the taskbar? In XP I used to do: right click an item (running application button on the taskbar) and then immediately press c. That would immediately close the application. In Windows 7, if I do the same, first I have to wait for the animation to bring the list of choices and then, if I press c, it'll only select Close window but not actually close it. I have to press enter. So not fast at all. What's the fast way?


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I tend to use Alt + F4 for closing windows/programs quickly. You would think that pushing c would close it rather than just highlight close though.

You should be able to then hit enter since Close would be selected. Added key stroke, but oh well.


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I guess its just as easy to right click and click close yeh? Same as selecting an open program out of the taskbar, you need and extra click now to choose the window after you bring up the preview windows. Ohwell.


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I normally press the top right hand "X"
I must admit that I have two programs,however, which drop down to the customise area ahen I do this. They are seldom used programs so it bothers me not.

Yes. If I want to close for example 9 out of 10 programs quickly from the taskbar, it's a bit painful now. Maybe I should try to find some kind of key macro program and try to find some solution. Any suggestions?

The alt+f4 solution is weak for this since first I have to left click and open the program and then use alt+f4 (which also is relatively uncomfortable for the hand when you have to use it very frequently). I just want to close taskbar programs with 1 or 2 clicks without mouse movement in between the 2 clicks, that'd be nice.

The answer is AutoHotkey. And this is probably a good example for that purpose. (At least by quick tests it seems to work very nicely.)

Send {LButton}
Send !{F4}

That script had some problems, here's a new version (though it possibly still has some problems):

SetBatchLines, -1
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
MouseGetPos,,, glob_WinID
WinActivate, ahk_id %glob_WinID%
IfWinNotActive, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
Send, {MButton}
Send {LButton}
WinWaitNotActive, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd,, 0.5 ; wait for the window to get active
If ErrorLevel = 1
Send, !{Tab} ; failed to get active in time specified, we'll just alt+tab instead
Send !{F4}

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