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Joe S

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How about closing old threads automatically after some period of inactivity say 30-90 days. I've noticed a few revived ones lately started back in 2009. I see a lot of forums do that. Over a long period of time the thread can change a lot from original post.


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Thanks for the feedback but as a general rule no staff member closes threads unless it strays totally off the orginal topic we want all threads to stay open if there is the possibilty of new info or solutions to the orginal post we want ppl to be able to post even if the thread is from when the site first opened. Same thing regarding just deleting old threads the site is a repository of info we will never delete old threads.


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how about a refresh on certain topics, the old thread could just have a sticky outlining the revised thread elsewhere. In particular I'm reffering to the thread about games compatibilty, as noticed quite a few people reply to topics in the thread that where written by folk using beta builds of windows 7, so shouldn't really be mixed with RTM or indeed post SP1 as the confusion caused is clear, I realise not all users will jump to SP1, but the thread needs a reboot due to the amount of obsolete beta issues.


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I certainly wish we had sorted some of the beta threads into their own category, and we certainly may be able to add a prefix to such threads by using the date of the original post. We do not traditionally close any old threads, as the forums are designed for free and open discussion - no matter how old any discussion may be. This allows for maximum flexibility in many cases, but could cause confusion in others. However, changing the information this late into the situation is something we will discuss soon (admin-side). To determine the necessity. I do not think we have many active beta threads, but I know which threads you are talking about: i.e. the "does not work with Windows 7" related topics. In these instances, it is best advised that members are aware of the dates of each post and the RTM date of Windows 7. People were using the site well before the release of Windows 7.

It is nice to see an old thread still open and being discussed though, even if some people are confused. This leads room to explain that the OP has become out of date, and opens room for a renewed discussion of the original material. One thing I do not want to do is start editing old threads other people wrote unless absolutely necessary. This is a good point, Highwayman, and we will look into this.


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Indeed, it would be daft to get rid of a thread just because it's out of date, when it's easier to make a updated one without losing knowledge from the site.

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