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I hope this is the appropriate place for my topic as it is non Windows.
I was thinking of getting a Cloudbook as we are older and need simplicity. Windows is going techy. I have read a lot about these books and they seem a lot simpler to run. There is no maintenance and security seems not to be a concern if you don't put sensitive data in the cloud. I think we can cloudprint, email, surf, write letters with Doxc instead of Word, do art and photos with Picasa etc.. I would get a couple of usb ports and an Intel processor.
I think you can image or back up the book to an external drive or to the cloud for anything you have downloaded if things go awry.
I think you can find one with an Ethernet cable so you could use a router but am not sure if you need one.
Please understand this is not for business but for older retirees tired of fighting the good fight with MS. I have Gmail account and have used Thunderbird so am familiar with Google to a degree. I always swore I would stick to Windows but they are not gearing towards the average person. Google's need for intuition always bothered me as you have to hover all over to find things but nothing is perfect.
Any ideas gladly accepted.

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