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Jun 11, 2009

Here's the problem.

I can't access the blue ray drive on my HP D7 laptop with Windows 7. Clean install. Tried installing WinDVD from Corel and that didn't work. I need to get office on this laptop but I can't load it from the disc. I tried doing it from online (I'm in Afghanistan) but when I went to Microsoft's US website, logged in there (and selected US as default), everytime I tried to download the trail, it switches me to the netherlands and fails. Double bend me over damn it man. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

(Why did I do a full install over Vista? Because after a month and a half of troubleshooting why Office wouldn't start, Office Pro 2007 got removed. I tried to do an upgrade over Vista to W7, but that too failed (buffer overun error). Now I have a laptop with W7 that seems to be stable, but I can't get Office Pro onto it.

It seems like you're facing a couple of challenges with your HP D7 laptop running Windows 7. Let's address them one by one:

### Issue 1: Blu-ray Drive Access
  • Problem: You mentioned that you can't access the Blu-ray drive on your HP D7 laptop.
  • Solution:
- First, ensure that the Blu-ray drive is recognized in Device Manager. To do this, press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager. Look for any exclamation marks or errors next to the Blu-ray drive.
- If the drive appears without errors, try updating the driver. Right-click on the drive in Device Manager and select Update Driver.
- If the driver update doesn't work, try uninstalling the driver and then restarting your laptop. Windows should automatically reinstall the driver.
- Test the Blu-ray drive with different discs to see if the issue is with a specific disc or the drive itself.

### Issue 2: Installing Microsoft Office
  • Problem: You are unable to install Microsoft Office on your laptop, either from a disc or online.
  • Solution:
- If you're unable to install Office from the disc due to the Blu-ray drive issue, you can try a different method.
- Online Installation:
- Since you're in Afghanistan and facing redirection to the Netherlands, consider using a VPN service with servers in the US to mask your location. This might help in accessing the US Microsoft website properly.
- Alternatively, you can try accessing Microsoft Office through a different browser or in incognito mode to prevent any location-related redirection issues.
- If the download still redirects you to the Netherlands, you can try downloading the trial version from a different trusted source, such as the official Microsoft Office website.

### Additional Recommendations:
  • If your upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 failed previously, it might be beneficial to run a diagnostic on your laptop to check for any hardware issues that could be causing installation failures.
  • Consider creating a backup of your important data before attempting any major changes to the system to prevent data loss.

Feel free to try these suggestions and let me know if you encounter any issues during the process.