Windows 7 Cluster


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Here's the problem.

I can't access the blue ray drive on my HP D7 laptop with Windows 7. Clean install. Tried installing WinDVD from Corel and that didn't work. I need to get office on this laptop but I can't load it from the disc. I tried doing it from online (I'm in Afghanistan) but when I went to Microsoft's US website, logged in there (and selected US as default), everytime I tried to download the trail, it switches me to the netherlands and fails. Double bend me over damn it man. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

(Why did I do a full install over Vista? Because after a month and a half of troubleshooting why Office wouldn't start, Office Pro 2007 got removed. I tried to do an upgrade over Vista to W7, but that too failed (buffer overun error). Now I have a laptop with W7 that seems to be stable, but I can't get Office Pro onto it.